How To Become An Umpire In Cricket Game

Kunal Dutta

While you are applying for becoming an umpire

Playing Cricket

To do a job of umpire is a tough job and most rewarding also. Being an umpire you are the in-charge of the game and one of your decisions can turn the game to odd. You have to face lots of subjective calls from the fields. The job of an umpire is having lots of fun but it is challenging also. Some of world’s renown cricket umpires are e.g., Aleem Dar, Richard Illingworth, Bruce Oxenford, Michael Gough, Joel Wilson and so on. To be a successful umpire you have to develop a thick skin and adjustable with most adverse situations on the ground. You must have to solve the situation of conflict. Once you have developed these essential qualities within you and learn the game inside and out you may place to the local leagues. And soon you are experienced your place will be on the higher altitude tournaments.

Aleem Dar
Aleem Dar

Study the rules of the game

You need to study the rules of the game as an umpire and while you are on the ground you have to make sure that the game should be playing according to the rules. For assistance of International rules you must have to read the ICC rule-book (International Cricket Council).

Daryl Harper
Daryl Harper

Start with smaller tournaments

You need to start your career with the local tournaments or less important tournaments. From these school leagues or college tournaments you will gain experiences which will back you perfectly on the bigger and important matches onward.

Richard Illingworth
Richard Illingworth

Watching others

The watching of your superiors is a must responsibility to you. You must watch the world class umpires performing their responsibilities on the matches. The advanced technological methods and DRS are also depending on the ground-umpire’s decisions. So, though the job is “Thank Less”, but still a significant one.

You must join to the local bodies

The first step to become an authorized umpire you need to join to your local county or city “Cricket Associations” and follow the association’s rules to be a part of it. There is a panel of umpires of every cricket associations where you have to include your name and qualifications.

Srinivas Venkatraghavan
Srinivas Venkatraghavan

Associate Courses

It is nowadays mandatory to have professional certification to each of the eligible umpires. The state or National cricket associations are conducting different level examinations for grading the umpires. The successful umpires are being paid by the cricket associations as per their grades.

Steve Bucknor
Steve Bucknor

Physical Qualities

While you are applying for becoming an umpire you must have some of the qualities as I am mentioning here. It is noted that the players are playing for couple of hours in a match, but the umpires have to control the game throughout the game, flawlessly. So, being physically fit is an essential to every umpire. You must have a clear eye-sight and ability to stand for a long hours.

Billy Bowden
Billy Bowden

The essential qualifications which an umpire should have

  • Must know the 42 rules of cricket.
  • Must be very patient.
  • Able to take spontaneous decisions.
  • Must be insightful understanding the game.

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