How to get into cyber security with no experience

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Global certification can ensure your employer that you have the skills that they are looking to.


The professionals engaged in cybersecurity or information securities are mostly from the technical background. According to the ICS2 (International Information System Security Certification Consortium), the aspirants who want to work in this industry must have the prior knowledge and expertise in one of the six security domains specified by the CBK. There are some other optional ways too to enter into this cybersecurity profession. You have to get the cybersecurity certifications to enter into this industry foremost and later on, you can get the requisite experience on the domains stated above. Let us discuss what the ways are and how you can achieve them.

password in cyber security
password in cyber security

The current scenario

According to research done by the Center for Cyber Safety and Education, it is told that there will be a need of cybersecurity professionals around 1.8 million by 2022. But in a recent survey done by ICS2, the global leader in cybersecurity, also a nonprofit organization claimed that the shortages of trained cybersecurity professionals have been recovered. There will be an estimated less than 3 million shortage of cybersecurity professionals amongst which 500,000 (roughly) required in North America.

It is the high valued, data-driven organizations across the world are requiring talented and qualified cybersecurity professionals. The threats of recurring cyber-attacks are increasing rates day by day. If the aspirants are having a bachelor’s degree in cybersecurity or having a degree in computer science can easily get entry to this field. Nonetheless to mention that though you will earn the global certification even then you may face some hard time to get a job in this field unless you have the requisite experience in this security domain.

Cyber Hackers
Cyber Hackers

The cybersecurity types

Unless you are aware of the types of cybersecurity may be lacking something essential. It is required to get the information on cybersecurity and how the structure can be restored.

cyber security degree worth it
cyber security degree worth it

Critical Services Security

The organizations, business houses, and the other government or non-government organizations dealing with public resources or having the mass public responsibilities must build up a strong security base for their system against every deadliest cyber attack. Wherever the security system is in a vulnerable condition these are required to get a strong security arrangement immediately. Organizations like electricity, traffic signals, water purification system, hospitals, and shopping centers are the most vulnerable places that are required a strong security bases.

Application security

The software applications are the significant components that maintain the harmony between your hardware and software. These must be protected well. There are firewalls, antivirus software, encryption engaged to protect the applications. But, it is advised that the systems that are engaged to handle a large volume of public and financial data must be secured properly.

Cyber Security Background
Cyber Security Background

Network security

To ensure the attacks against the malicious intrusion to your network there must be a secured security wall that can protect the unsafe access to it. In modern day’s technologists are using machine learning that will flag the abnormal traffic with malicious and perilous access in real-time. Types of network securities are:

  • New Password
  • Application security
  • Extra logins

Cloud security system

It is maintained and monitored with the team of professional security experts that are continuously changing the security system in cloud base resources. Basically, could security is the software-based security protocol that implements new security tools to help enterprise users with more secure data.

Data Governance and Compliance
Data Governance and Compliance

Internet of Things (IoT) Security System

The IoT security devices include – Cameras, WiFi, Televisions, Printers, Fax machines, Sensors, and other appliances that are connected and operated through the internet. This market has been significantly increased from $235 billion to $520 billion, expected in 2021. The security system installed to it should be strong and secured. It is found in a study that security devices included in IoT are in a vulnerable state those can be hacked easily. This is the reason why these must be managed with an encrypted security system.


Getting the first step in cybersecurity

If you have a strong and iron determination to work as a cybersecurity professional you maybe take your first step by earning a global certificate. Global certification can ensure your employer that you have the skills that they are looking to. The fact is that most of the employers are asking for the results, not the certificates. 61% of the members of ISSA (Information System Security Association) think that certification is not essential a much for getting a job in this field than they are doing the job in reality. Besides the global cybersecurity certification you may have the opportunity to work in this industry if you have the qualifications as required as the following manners:

• Penetration Tester or “Ethical Hacker”
• Security Software Developer
• Security Auditor
• Security Architect
• Product Manager
• Data Governance and Compliance Officer
• Chief Information Security Officer (CISO)


For these above-mentioned cybersecurity positions you may not be asked for the certification, but it depends on the job requirements and the employers. If you have an analytical mind, good communicational skills and pro-activeness then you are the fittest candidate for these positions. Though it is not necessary to say that certification can bring you to the doors of the job and give you a strong backup while entering into this field. Working experiences in the fields of cybersecurity will be an added advantage to you which is always preferred by the employers.

General degrees in computer science or information technology can give you the entry-level job in this industry while you can complete your cybersecurity certification later on. Science subjects like mathematics and statistics can help you to grow your analytical power in this field which is the rarest quality found with the candidates.

Web developers, programmers, and software engineers are having technical backgrounds that are required by the cybersecurity industry. For example, the programmers are already having ideas about the possible malicious threats and they will design the coding that can act against it.

If you have a technical background or technical qualities, but don’t have any professional work experience, you should not be considered for the job. From a manager’s point of view, it is mandatory to have prior work experience along with a technical background supported by a global certification for the post of cybersecurity professionals.

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