Online Payment System is the Key towards the future business

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While we are talking about Online Payment system of today we need to cultivate the history first. Thousands of years back when there was no civilization, people used to pay grain in exchange for animals or alternative commodities. Once civilization a drastic change occurred where coins were made in exchange for purchasing material. Coins were made of metal but later on, they came to be made of Gold, silver, and other materials. As times changed, notes came into existence. People through an exchange of notes buy things. Thanks to the technology that has made a simpler version to buy or send money online. Even sending money was quite critical because it was only possible through Post. As time passed by, debit and credit cards occurred where you can swipe your card at any shopping mall, grocery shop, medicine, and other necessary commodities. Now sending money has turned within a second. There have been several apps where you can easily send and pay the money within no time. You can even pay your bills online.

People had a misconception about online transactions. People believed that fraud cases commanded major issues. The theft was a commonly held issue on money transactions. But times have changed and guaranteed trust is given by those apps. Now online payment has become safe and easy. These are some of the apps which can help you through the Online Payment process easier and safer. The process is very simple

A. Firstly download an app on your phone or use simple SEO tools to start your online payment. The app for the best online transactions will be mentioned below.
B. Link your bank details to it.
C. Then you enter your bank IFSC or UPI address.
D. You can enter the amount and confirm it.
E. You can then secure your PIN affirmation.
F. Your money is securely transcended.

Here are some apps for safe and secure money transactions:

Online Payment System Through Google Pay
Google Pay – most convenient Online Payment System

Google Pay

It is now one of the most trending online transactions. It is a brilliant and seamless way of money transferring that works easily on your phone. It has features like.

● Identification procedure through fingerprints.
● Transfer directly to your bank account.
● User friendly and safe.
● Sending money is safe.

Samsung Pay

It has become the favourite among android and iOS users. It keeps your credit and debit details safe and makes the users pay online or offline quickly. The features consist,

● Contactless payment procedure.
● It supports 100 + credit bank accounts.
● Gives you exciting deals and offers.

Paytm – Most used Online Payment system


Another user-friendly app that makes it even easier to transfer money. Paytm is such an app that provides lots of facilities. You can send money, recharge your mobile with maximum cashback, pay bills of electricity, gas, ticket booking, and many others. The features are,

● Shopping online on Paytm mall.
● 24/7 support or helpline.
● Cashbacks
● Send money through a wallet or bank with 0% charges.

Phone Pay

This app helps to recharge your mobile or other stuff using BHIM UPI, credit card, debit card, and wallet. It is directly connected to your bank account. It sends or transfers money instantly. The features are,

● It invests in tax and saves funds. It makes the funds untouched.
● You can sell or buy gold at live rates in the market.
● If you purchase a Phone Pay Gift card it makes your payment easier.
● It keeps a track record of your refunds.


It is a free digital wallet app for transferring money only in India. It is usable in more than 2,50,000 both online and offline places. It is Android and iOS friendly. The features are,

● Makes EMI payments easy and safe.
● Provide instant loans.
● Simple and easy money transactions.
● You can do both postpaid and prepaid recharges, including DTH payments.

Western Union

It is the oldest feature of transferring money. It keeps all the track records of your transactions and when are going to be reached. It lets your phone camera scan your debit or credit cards for online payment. It is a trusted money transaction feature. Through your Geo-location system, it helps you search your nearest Western Union agent. Its features consist of,

● Earn discounts and get WU points for more deals and make cashback on further transferring money.
● Keep track records of your transactions.
● Gives the rates of charge on transferring money.
● It has good customer care service.

Airtel Thanks

This is a trustworthy app that keeps safety measures. It also provides prepaid and postpaid phone recharges. Now it has features to provide online money transactions like other apps. The features include,

● International roaming is always available.
● 24/7 helpline
● It provides tariff on broadbands
● Easy and secure payment services.

Amazon Pay – Most easiest online Payment System

Amazon Pay

We all know Amazon has been providing us with the best deals on several commodities like electronics gadgets, clothes, watches, accessories, and many others. At present, it has been supportive in transferring easily by connecting your bank account through your Amazon app. Like other apps, it supports online payment. The features are,

● Cashbacks for amazon users
● Able to pay off bills through Amazon.
● Recharge your mobiles easily.

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