India Will Be The Investors Hub In Next Five Years

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An article on Indian Economic Growth

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“manasaa chintitam kaaryam vaacha na prakaashayet
mantrena rakshayed gooDham kaarye chaapi niyojayet..”

Kautilya (Chapter IV-Chankya Niti)


It means -One should not reveal what you have planned to do, the best counsel is to keep it a secret and try to execute it with determination.

After coming back for the second time in 2019 with a huge majority of polls the Modi 2.O government is planning to develop the Indian economy to its historical level of achievement. Though in Q4 GDP and Employment graph are pulling down this success. But, still in his last speech to the nation, in 15th August from Lalkilla, the Prime Minister has soundly announced to make the country financially super power in his next five year’s reign.

Narendra Modi Ji
Narendra Modi Ji

From the above quotation of historical great economist of India, The Kautilya, says that the wise person (here refers as the King) should not give any hints of his planning to the public, and he should execute the plan secretly. The Modi led government has already made its premium impression by eloping Article 370 and 35. The decision has made the country united once again after the last surgical strike in the last year.

The rising middle class, including urbanization and the increasing consumer spending has definitely inspiration to the corporate to resize their investment in the coming years.

Noshir Kaka
Noshir Kaka, McKinsey

According to the McKinsey Global Institute (MGI) latest report on Indian economical growth it is said that India will be the largest growth engines in the world in the coming days.

Noshir Kaka, the senior partner of the McKinsey announced that this will be the exciting time to the Indian as well as multinational companies in India. According to him India will be the third-largest incremental GDP growth engine for the planet by 2030.

GDP Growth of India in 2019

It is reported by the government in last November, 2018 that the GDP of the country was estimated as $2.61 trillion economy that grew must faster than the growth seen in last UPA II government administration. At the time of UPA II session the average growth was declined to 6.82% from 7.75%. At the time of NDA governance it raise to 7.35%, which seems to be a cute comeback.

Indian Automobile Industry
Indian Automobile Industry

The only straw in the milk is unemployment rate in the country has been reached to a high. The add-on issue to it Automobile and FMCG (PARLE-G and Smartphone) companies are stepping down their employees’ strength to cope up with the recession to these sectors. According to the Society of Indian Automobile Manufacturers (SIAM) the two-wheeler market has fallen down to 16.8% and passenger car sales to 36% in this year.

Union Budget 2019
Union Budget 2019

The good news is that the Modi 2.O government has accepted the challenge and taken the plan of action to combat it. It has directed by the PMO to all the departments to submit their next “100-Days” planning along with full five years projection with vivid clarity by the mid-June. There are two cabinets set up by this government to face the challenges in the Investment and employment sectors. In its first budget session the Honorable Finance Minister has taken some beautiful and strong measures to strengthen the Investment, Rural Economy and Job, Financial and Banking sectors those are really hopeful to the people of India ahead.

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