Tips to crack CCSP exam


What is CCSP stand for? The term CCCP stands for Certified Cloud Security Professional. This is a global certification system to the cloud security professionals by IICCSS (International Information System Security Certification Consortium) based in Clearwater, Florida, USA. This certification is awarded to the professionals who are dealing with or […]

The Things I Hate Most..

Kunal Dutta

The ideology and the belief both are coming from the family and education. On that basis, I do have some point of disagreement on some of the dirty happenings throughout the globe. I hate them mostly. Currently, it is running on. These are as follows:: Last General Election in Turkey, […]

Relieve Chronic Pain with Regular Exercise

Kunal Dutta

As a specialist in pain management, Dr. Harvey Finkelstein knows that millions of Americans feel the impact of chronic pain in their lives. This pain can make even the simplest everyday tasks harder, negatively affecting an individual’s quality of life by impairing their daily routines. Many of these same individuals […]