Tips From Experts On Easy Home Improvements

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Expert Tips On Home Improvements

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Home Improvement Ideas
Home Improvement Ideas

David Quattro, Cherry Hill, understands that with a little elbow grease and ingenuity, any homeowner can make improvements to their space. With all of the tools and materials available to work with, all it takes is determination and a goal. Regardless of the perspective and style of different homeowners, there are a few things that need to be considered by everybody, even though the specific results are usually unique.

Interior Improvement Ideas
Interior Improvement Ideas


Changing the color of a room can drastically alter its appearance, whether for better or worse. This means that taking the time to choose the right color scheme really is worth the effort. While neutrals are appealing for a room of almost any use, many people wish for a room to make a statement. Bright colors, textures, and designs can be a fun way to accent a room, using stencils and different types of paintbrushes, or even spray paint.

Colors are known to help create different emotions, so homeowners should be thoughtful in choosing a softer color when painting a bedroom or nursery. Fresh paint also gives a room a clean and updated look, no matter what the color, so it is one of the easiest home improvement projects available that offers some of the best results.

Interior Decoration Ideas
Interior Decoration Ideas

Energy Efficiency

Enormous energy bills do not have to be an ongoing problem within a household. Making a few small improvements to one’s home can have an astonishing effect on the cost of energy. Certain fixtures and appliances which are older may need to be replaced. Old refrigerators can use up almost double the energy of a newer model. Even less noticeable fixtures such as ceiling fans can be updated to reduce energy costs. Upgrading to LED lighting or looking into solar power are also options that can help lower a monthly energy bill.

Air Quality

Improving air quality within the home has little to do with the air outdoors. Older carpets can contain allergens and other contaminants that can cause poor air quality. Having the air quality tested, or simply replacing carpeting with tile or laminate floors is a great way to ensure healthy, breathable air. Floors with a hard surface are also easier to clean and do not hold odors, contributing to an environment which is cleaner and more appealing.

Decoration of Your Washroom
Decoration of Your Washroom


Lighting is one of the most important aspects of a living space. The right light can create an ideal atmosphere for almost any occasion. But daily life requires a large amount of the right kind of light for families to function properly. Plenty of daylight coming in through windows, glass doors, and open spaces can make even a small area seem spacious.

Light bulb choice is also important. Most people choose between LED and compact fluorescent bulbs as they are the most energy efficient for the home. Warm white bulbs are great for the bedroom or living room, while bright or cool bulbs are often chosen for kitchens, bathrooms, and workspaces.

David Quattro, Cherry Hill, Discusses Outdoor Home Improvement Projects
Of course, making improvements to the outside of a home can have just as positive of an effect as changing inside spaces.

Kitchen in New Luxury Home with Open Floorplan
Kitchen in New Luxury Home with Open Floorplan


Sprucing up an entryway can make any home feel like new. The front door of a home is a transition point, and should make visitors and family feel welcome immediately. The entryway of a home should complement the overall design of the house, whether that means modern and chic or rustic and country. A welcoming entryway can be created by painting the door, adding foliage or potted plants, and even by updating the welcome mat.


Making sure that a lawn is crisp and clean can make a world of difference in aesthetic appeal. Planting trees and adding a planned garden can go even further. Even designing or building an archway or a bench, or even a tree swing, can greatly improve the outside of a home. As the landscaping grows and flourishes so will the value and appeal of the home.

Home Interior Ideas
Home Interior Ideas

While some home remodeling projects are best left to professionals, many can be done by homeowners to lower costs and increase the importance of each area in a home. Whether renovating the kitchen, remodeling the bathroom, redecorating a room, or planting a new garden, there are countless ways to update a home at an efficient and cost effective rate. Keeping in mind these tips from David Quattro, Cherry Hill, and homeowners will be able to make a real difference in their homes and create the unique and comfortable atmosphere they have always wanted.

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